General Information

School Hours
Children should have their bags unpacked and ready to start school before 8:40am
Interval 10:45am-11:05am
Lunch 1:05pm-1:45pm
End of Day 3:00pm
Children are not permitted on the school grounds before 8:30am.


Absent or Sick
If for any reason your child is going to be late to school, or absent from the school please ring the school office on 444 9341. This is to ensure that those children who have left for school do in fact arrive at school.
Click here to report an absence.


Getting to School
School Crossing
All children need to use the school crossing. Please remember as caregivers to set a good example when dropping your child off or collecting him/her from school. When using a vehicle, please park on the school side of the street, if possible, so children can alight safely.
School Bus
Please ring the school office or send a note to the teacher if your child is not going home on the school bus. The junior bus roll will be checked at bus lines outside Junior Rooms, at 2.55pm, and a teacher will escort junior children to the buses.
Please ensure arrangements are made prior to 2.00pm. During winter it is important to listen to the local radio station Burn 729am or check the school Facebook page for updates.
Home and School
Newsletters are emailed to subscribers (generally each fortnight) and are also available on the website.
During each term junior school assemblies are held.  These are a great time to see your child in a setting with other children and to view their work and the work of other children. Whole school assemblies are held at the end of every term to celebrate excellence in learning and attitudes.
Parent Teacher Interviews and Reports
At MAS we encourage regular contact throughout the year between parents/caregivers and classroom teachers, promoting the partnership between home and school. Throughout the year, parents / caregivers and students meet with the teacher at pre-arranged times to engage in “Student Led Conferences” to discuss achievement and set learning goals. All students will receive formal written reports twice a year. These are a great way to invite an open discussion about your child’s learning. At any time we encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns so they can be addressed as soon as possible.
Kids Online  Maniototo Area School supports a Digital Citizenship model for the promotion of safe and responsible use of technology. We recognise that by fostering a culture of successful digital citizenship we are encouraging everyone to take responsibility for themselves and others in their use of ICTs. This allows us to harness the potential that technology brings to the teaching and learning process, while effectively responding to the challenges we may experience as we use them in a learning context. We are aware that preparing our students to make effective use of ICTs is an important part of their preparation for participation and contribution in society today and into the future. An important part of learning these skills is being given the chance to experience the opportunities, and the challenges presented by technology in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought as students and teachers learn. Every child and/ or parent is required to sign a digital citizenship contract before permitted to work online.
Online Safety Information
Complaints Procedure

Bus Information

The Bus Controller is Mrs Gemma Hore Phone 021 167 1701
During the winter, weather conditions may mean interruptions or delays to buses.
Updates on school buses will be texted to parents as well as being posted on the school Facebook page and the website newsfeed.
You can also tune into the local radio stations BURN 729AM or the Radio Central 104.3FM for further information
Bus Drivers:
Naseby Bus – John Lobb 021 192 1414
Kyeburn Bus – Shirley Hodge 027 547 8580
Waipiata Bus – Malcolm Sayers 027 549 0309
Oturehua/Wedderbun Bus – Nigel Voice 027 503 8753
Patearoa Bus – Max 021 0870 4622
Gimmerburn Bus – Kerrin Mulholland 022 313 0867

Community Library Hours

Maniototo Public Library (operated by CODC) Hours: Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm ​Phone 03 444 9348