Student Leaders

2022 Student Leaders

Head Students

Tayla Munro & Harmony Devitt


Board of Trustees Student Representative

Harmony Devitt

2022 Prefects 
Reef Becker, Erylle Del Mundo, Emma Kinney, Hope Devitt, Jasmine Balloch, Kassidy Pont, Charlotte Gregan


House Leaders
Danseys: Emma Kinney & Jeremy Dumapis
Garibaldi: Hope Devitt & Jasmine Balloch
Hamiltons: Charlotte Gregan & Erylle Del Mundo
 ​Serpentine: Reef Becker & Kassidy Pont


Student Council

Students from Year 6 and above can represent their class on the council. The student council are responsible for organising mufti days and supporting charities. They also are the student voice of the school.​


Other Leadership Opportunities

There are plenty of leadership opportunities for students at Maniototo Area School.  There are many House activities planned each year, this allows students to show their leadership skills and make a difference.