Secondary school

Maniototo Area School is a great choice for secondary education.

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalised learning plans for every senior student including student directed learning on Fridays
  • Weekly mentoring sessions
  • State of the Art, modern learning environment for Seniors and the promise of more to come!
  • Specialised, highly effective teachers who know and care for every student
  • An enviable record of placing students in jobs or tertiary institution
  • An excellent EOTC programme utilising local, regional and national locations
  • Many opportunities for leadership development. Annual places available on the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ and ‘Outward Bound’
  • Close friendships with other Area Schools, annual sports tournament
  • A small family atmosphere where everyone matters
  • Excellent success on the curling rink – opportunities for international travel
  • Great opportunities for financial assistance for tertiary education eg. Manu Pounamu award, RSA and Lions awards and Polytechnic scholarships

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​Helping agencies:

​We are fortunate to have access to an excellent Public Health nurse who we can call in to assist teachers and individual students.

We have regular contact with a Resource Teacher of Literacy & Behaviour (RTLB). Students can be referred to the RTLB for extra support for their learning or their behaviour.

We have access to a chaplain who has had many years of experience dealing with a range of issues.

Students have access to our social worker on-site each week.

The Youth Education officers from the Central Otago Police are often involved in our Health programmes e.g. DARE, Keeping Ourselves Safe.