Our uniform supplier is NZ Uniforms in Dunedin.
Uniform Policy:
  • No suede, skate or gym shoes can be worn for students of Yr. 9 to 13
  • Shoulder length hair should be tied back and off the face in Science and Technology Classes and under Staff direction
  • Boys must be clean shaven
  • Hair must be clean and in a natural colour range
  • Jewellery – watch, sleepers or small studs (max 2)
  • No facial piercings  
  • Any jewellery that has a medical, spiritual or cultural significance must be worn as a necklace and have minimal visibility
  • Makeup is not permitted, apart from the use of a moderate concealer for students of Yr. 9 up
  • No nail polish is to be worn
  • PE Uniform is a requirement for students from Yr. 7 to 13. Students are required to change for PE classes.